PTO School Directory App Fundraising

One of the most beneficial features of the smart phone School Directory App is that you can raise funds for your school by simply tapping on your device.

We have integrated social media into the School Directory App so that the more you share your experience with the School Directory App among your social followers, the more your school will benefit.

How It Works

The School Directory App includes sharing icons. Whenever one of the members of your group shares a quick note about our app, your school earns rewards. These rewards are tallied during the year and and added to your account balance. At the end of the year the total amount you have earned is discounted to your subscription to our program for the following year.

An example for the app sharing would be when your group reaches 500 shares. You will then earn 10% of that number. So if you have 750 shares you earn a $75 credit towards your app payment the next year. This amount is capped at 50% of your app payment for the current year. Another example is if your group paid $400 for the app this year and you have 10,000 shares, your group's app discount for the following year is $200.

Referral Porgram

Secondly, if one of these shares results in a new school subscribing to our program, your school then earns an additional sharing bonus. This sharing bonus is paid to your school immedately.

The bonus is 10% of what the new group pays for the app. So, if one existing school has 3 referrals and those 3 new groups pay $250, $300 and $400 for the app, then the bonuses are $25, $30 and $40.

As this sharing activity occurs, tracking reports are emailed to you. If you also subscribe to our website plan you can view the sharing reports from your website at any time.

School Directory App Fundraising

For Android and iPhone Smartphones

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