PTO or PTA Website Advertising and Sponsorship

Many PTO and PTA groups solicit donations from local merchants or sponsors in exchange for recognition in their community.

The Paperless PTO program allows you to show this recognition in the form of an ad on your website and also in the School Directory App. The banner ads can be provided by the visitor or they can purchase a customized banner from our gallery.

These are not random online ads that generate pennies for your group. This is for ad space that you sell to your local merchants at the price you dictate. The most common ads are from realtors, tutors, restaurants, and any local merchant looking to catch the eye of the captive audience you have...parents of school children.

All you need to do is to set your own pricing for the ad. If you subscribe to our website plan you will be able to upload the ads yourself. If you subscribe to our directory app only plan, we will provide you with a link that you can use to upload the ads.

Once the ad has been uploaded, the site administrator simply approves it with a simple click. After being approved, the ad then automatically appears on your website and in the School Directory App.

This feature also accumulates statistics that detail the number of visitors, impressions, click-thrus and other data. This information can then be used to easily attract more local merchants and sponsors to subscribe to your advertising program.

It is a can't miss way of raising funds for your group.

Parents are consistently using our School Directory App to find information about the people and activities that surround their children. Ad space in the app is very visible to the device holder, which in turn adds tremendous value to an ad campaign for your parent teacher group or school

Watch the video above to see a demonstration of how easily an advertising / sponsorship program will work in the School Directory App.

You can also see how the advertising program works on a Paperless PTO website.

Quick Overview - School Directory App Local Merchant Advertising

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