No Need To Rebuild Your Website Each Year

Parent teacher organizations have existed for many decades. The one constant that is common among all groups is turnover. Nature dictates that new parents come into every school community each year. As these new parents arrive, seasoned parents whose children have grown will be moving out of the school community. This presents a challenge for every group year after year as there is always the need to recruit new parents to keep the organization running.

This also means that your group will always need someone new every few years to manage the website. Fortunately, Paperless PTO websites make this an easy transition in several ways.

First is the way a Paperless PTO website is built without the webmaster needing any technical skills. All information is simply keyed in as you see it. Dates, descriptions and free text narratives are the most complex components the webmaster needs. If you can think, type and write you will be able to build your Paperless PTO website. Just about anyone can come along every few years and take over the maintenance of your Paperless PTO website.

Second is a feature that has been recently added to the program which allows you to rebuild your website each year with minimal effort.

By simply setting a date and checking a few boxes, your website will be rebuilt for you. All of your events and items for sale will be replicated, your students will be moved up a grade and your volunteers will start anew. This will save your group many hours of effort.

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No Need To Rebuild Your Website Each Year