PTO Website Will Reduce Your Group's Time and Effort

Task Your PTO? The Paperless PTO
Pictures Worth A Thousand Words
Paperwork An overwhelming amount of paperwork None. The Paperless PTO has eliminated our paperwork
Volunteers Put in many hours collecting forms and organizing events. Are now able to effortlessly organize our directory, committees and events from information compiled by The Paperless PTO
Treasurer Constantly collecting, depositing, refunding and reconciling. Reconciles once per month since The Paperless PTO conducts all financial activity.
Communication Thousands of flyers are printed, sorted and distributed to parents every week. The Paperless PTO emails all of our fliers to all of our parents. The system also creates an online archive of all of our fliers.
Credit Card Collections We do not accept credit card payments. The Paperless PTO enables us to accept credit card and e-check payments.
Payments By Traditional Check We collect checks that are submitted with paper forms. The Paperless PTO instantly scans order forms that are submitted with a check.
Automatic Website Fundraising We don't know how to raise funds on our website The Paperless PTO manages our website fundraising.