A Paperless PTO Website Will Reduce Your Costs

The Paperless PTO not only eliminates the secretarial tasks of your PTA/PTO, it also places the burden of activity on the interaction of your members with your website. As a result, your planning, organizing and running of events, fundraisers and sales becomes streamlined with a 99.9% rate of accuracy.

Consider how your events are currently carried out. Thousands of fliers requesting participation are printed. They are then sent home with the children, handed out at local events or simply left to be picked up somewhere like the school office.

Many of these fliers simply get tossed into the garbage. The ones that do make it back to the PTA/PTO office usually contain handwriting that is difficult to decipher. They also come with checks that need to be sorted, accumulated and logged into accounting software. Not only are these laborous tasks for your asssociation, they are inconvenient and difficult for your members as well.

Enter The Paperless PTO. Your flier gets posted on your website. Your members are electronically notified of the event. They place their order from your website that is integrated with The Paperless PTO Program. Your staff views reports or receives spreadsheets with all the information you need to konw about the event. There is no paper, there are no forms to read and sort though, there are no checks to tally and there is much less time and effort spent to get the event in gear. Even reconciling your checking account will become a breeze.