PTO or PTA Website Online Fundraising

Paperless PTO websites come equipped with an online fundraising program that requires little effort.

We have partnered with several hundred online merchants who will give a donation back to your PTO group when a purchase made on their website was directed from your group’s Paperless PTO website.

Your website will contain logos and links to the websites of several hundred online merchants. If one of your family members click on one of these links and subsequently makes a purchase at that merchant’s website, they will send a percentage of that purchase as a donation back to your group.

Your website also includes a feature where you can send an email blast to your family members with links to special offers from these online merchants. If a purchase is made, the donation comes back to your group.

The email blast with the merchant offers can be a very effective method of raising funds for your group as you are placing the offer right in front of your families.

The only work you have to do is to select the offers, add a quick narrative, click the send button and off it goes.

Watch This Video:
PTO Website Online Fundraising