Your PTO or PTA Has Decided To Go Paperless

The term paperless has a fairly broad definition which is unique to the perception of the person or group launching a paperless program. Our mission is one which will guide your parent teacher group through the evolutionary process of "going paperless". The transition does not happen over night, but it can be monitored and guided day after day.

That is our job, leading your group to the paperless promised land one day at a time. With that in mind, we offer several tips on how your organization can prepare to move with the technology we continue to adapt to:

* Start preparing immediately

* Plan the rollout of your paperless program at the beginning of the school year

* Give plenty of advanced notice to your members during the last few months of the current school year

* Use the first year as a transition period where you are a paper and paperless organization

* Set firm dates, rules, cutoff periods and guidelines to follow.

* Adhere to the guidelines set and gently warn of the consequences if not met.

* Remember, you as an organization are in control and set the pace. We all want to help everyone. However, if you do not remain firm in your commitment to the guidelines you have set, parents will continually look to take advantage of it and expect your group to cater to them every time.

* Inform us of your intent to participate as soon as possible

* Launch your paperless program with confidence knowing that we are behind you and will handle all technical and customer service issues that may arise