PTO Website Discounts

One of the more unknown facts about The Paperless PTO is that it can provide websites to every parent teacher group in your district while acting as a single site for your families.

In other words, a parent who has students in several different schools in the same district can easily navigate between each PTO or PTA website. And when they login to their account on the secure side of any of the websites, they will be able to manage all activity for all of their students in the same account even though they go to different schools.

To better understand this, consider a school district that has 1 elementary school, 1 middle schools and 1 high school. The Paperless PTO can provide 3 different websites, each one is a completely separate site for each of the schools. Each has its own administrative side and website builder with all activity and transactions kept completely separate.

While the parent is able to use a single account based on where their students go, administrators of each of the schools’ websites will only be able to perform administrative tasks of the school that they have been given those rights to. Continuing with the example above with the parent who as a student in all three schools, let’s say she has administrative rights to the middle school PTA website. As a parent she can manage all three of her students in her account. However, as an administrator she only has admin rights to the middle school website. She does not have admin rights to the elementary school, nor to the high school.

While this may be a unique arrangement that is not necessarily needed, it shows the flexibility that Paperless PTO websites have. If your parent teacher association is one of several in your district that use The Paperless PTO, we do offer a discounted rate of $200 per year for the basic and super plans.