PTO Website Credit Card Transactions

Each Paperless PTO website also has the ability to accept credit cards. There is no setup involved and you do not have to worry about managing a merchant account. We handle all of these details for you.

Accepting credit cards is part of The Paperless PTO super plan. if you already subscribe to the basic plan, you can simply start accepting credit cards and you will be automatically upgraded to the super plan.

When you upgrade to the super plan you also benefit from telephone technical support.

To accept credit cards all you need to do is to create a single item for sale in the website builder. Once this item is created and flagged as active, it appears in the shopping cart. You are then happily accepting credit cards for any kind of transaction between your families and your PTA or PTO.

There are always going to be transaction fees when you accept credit cards. This is simply a fact with the industry. The Paperless PTO gives you several options to choose from when accepting credit cards.

You can pick and choose which credit cards you would like to accept. Each uses a different rate and some are higher than others.

The next option is a flat 3.95% fee per transaction. This is a flat rate that enables you to prepare your budgets and forecasts more accurately. If you see other vendors such as Paypal offering rates “as lows as 1.99%”, be sure to read the fine print and crunch all of the numbers before believing that claim. Every transaction is applied a discount rate to the total amount of the charge. On top of this are transaction fees which are typically 25 to 30 cents per transaction. There are also internet gateway fees which are charged a similar rate. Next are the batch fees which are charges for submitting a full day’s worth of transactions through the banking network. And don’t forget the statement fee, which is applied just to be able to get a summary of your monthly activity.

When you calculate your costs over time and factor in all of these additional rates and fees, the end result is much higher than the low rate promised. Our aim is to retain 1% of the transaction so we can keep The Paperless PTO running. Without this support we would not be able to exist.