How We Help Your School Profit From Online Fundraising

Does an effective online fundraising idea work if you have to put little effort into it?

Of course it does!

You put little effort into it and we will put plenty of effort into it. This is what makes the online fundraising programs that come with your Paperless PTO website a significant benefit to your parent teacher organization.

When you subscribe to our web hosting program, the website you receive includes two unique online fundraising features. These features operate independently of each other and the best part is that we manage each program while you simply make periodic decisions about whether you want to participate.

The first online fundraising feature our program offers is what we call the fundraising mall. We have partnered with hundreds of online merchants who are willing to make a donation to your parent teacher group for each purchase made by visitors to your website. When you look at the fundraising mall you can see the logos of the online merchants. When a visitor to your website’s fundraising mall clicks on one of these logos they will be redirected to the website of the merchant. If that visitor then makes a purchase at the merchant website a portion of the purchase price will come back to your parent teacher group.

This seems simple enough. However, we have found that simply having pages on your website with merchant logos does not necessarily send the masses shopping. It is a feature that needs to be worked each day in order to turn into the benefit you hope to realize. This is where we have taken the program to another level. A level where we package special offers that will entice your families to make purchases they already would be making which will benefit your group. And as mentioned above, we manage the program and notify you about the specials. You simply decide if you want to participate on that given day.

The next online fundraising feature we offer enables local merchants in your community as well as your families purchase advertising or sponsorship space on your website. This can be a lucrative feature for your group as many of your local merchants are more than willing to capture the attention of the parents that are visiting your website over and over again.

This feature is enabled when you use The Paperless PTO as your web hosting provider. Advertisers and sponsors are directed to a page that will prompt them to purchase the ad space. Once they make their payment your website administrator will be notified of the new ad and will simply approve or disapprove of it. Once approved the ad automatically begins to appear on your website.

This feature also accumulates statistics that detail the number of visitors, impressions, click-thrus and other data. This information can be used to easily attract more local merchants and sponsors to subscribe to your ad program.

These fundraising features are built in to your website and require little effort on your part. The important thing to remember here is that online advertising will be effective if you have the continuous flow of traffic to your website. This can be fairly easily attained by taking the proper measures to ensure that your visitors continually visit your website. Be sure to visit our page on how to direct traffic to your website.