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Pricing - all rates are annual except where noted
Website hosting fee n/a $299 $299
Domain Registration Fee - Recommended n/a $15 $15
Shopping Cart Fees - Per Transaction n/a 3.95% 3.95%

School Directory App - Order between January 1 and March 31
$1.80 per family
$450 max  
Lifetime rate lock 
2nd year free 
n/a $1.80 per family
$450 max 
Lifetime rate lock 
2nd year free 

School Directory App - Order between April 1 and June 30
$1.90 per family
$475 max 
2nd year free 
n/a $1.90 per family
$475 max 
2nd year free 
School Directory App - Order between July 1 and December 31 $2 per family
$499 max 
n/a $2 per family
$499 max 
School Directory App - Individual Activation Keys n/a n/a $2.50 per device 
Directory data loads   
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$0 $0 $0
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  App Sharing Cash Back  
10% to 50% n/a 10% to 50%

  App Sharing Referral Bonus  
10% n/a 10%
Local Merchant Advertising  More Info
School Directory App  Your rate n/a Your rate
Website  n/a Your rate Your rate
School Directory App
Fundraising From Your Phone
Directory updates in app
User defined security code in app
Call, text and email anyone in your group
Student and family directory in app
Classroom directory in app
Directory search in app
Teacher directory in app
Staff directory in app
Board directory in app
Absent notice from app
Address maps with navigation in app
Contact board members from app
Contact tech support from app
Website directory
Printable Directory
Email blasts received in app
Text blasts received in app
Alerts received in app
Multiple directories in app
Calendar in app
App enhancement requests
Website Builder
Downloadable Documents
Directory Manager
Email / Text Blasts
Accept Credit Cards
Accept Traditional Checks
Order School Lunches
Track Volunteers
Create Custom Pages
Website Fundraising
Local Advertising / Sponsorship
Shopping Cart
Order Tracking
Create Custom Pages
Contact Us Page
Email Accounts
User Guide
Annual Website Rebuild
Annual Student Grade Move Up
Multi-group Discount
Happy Birthday E-wish
Custom Enhancements
Income and Expense Tracking
Web Analytics
Survey Builder
Create Alerts
Shopping Cart
Technical Support
Helpdesk Support Email and Phone Email and Phone Email and Phone
Priority Helpdesk Support